best dog breeds for children
Finding The Right Dog

The Best Dog Breeds For Children: How To Find A Fab Family Pet

When choosing the best dog breed for children lets face it, kids can be crazy! charging around in a whirlwind of raucous hullabaloo, noise chaos and unpredictability go with the territory.You will need to think carefully about which canine beastie you are going to introduce into such an environment, as the age of your children will be a major consideration, as some family friendly dogs are more suitable for older or younger kids. […]

Dog Breed Groups

Oodles of Different Dog Breeds: How To Choose Using Personality

With over 300 different dog breeds in all shapes and sizes to consider. It can be a daunting task deciding on which ones you think would make the best match for your own lifestyle. One really useful way of narrowing down that search is to consider what kind of personality traits or temperament your dog should have and how those traits might most compatible for you. […]