non sporting dog breeds
Dog Breed Groups

Non Sporting Dog Breeds: One Size Does Not Fit All

The Non Sporting dog breeds group is a mixed bag of poochy perfection that for one reason or another failed to make it into any of the other breed categories.

Dog breeds within this group ( sometimes known as the Utility Group) make for some unusual kennel mates; Seeing the likes of Boston Terriers sharing the same group as the Dalmatian and the Chinese Sharp- Pei certainly makes the mind boggle. […]

working dog breeds
Dog Breed Groups

Working Dog Breeds: Steady Eddies Of The Canine World

Working Dog Breeds are the canine world’s labourers. This informative guide is a great introduction to the working group dogs which include guard dog breeds and Nordic sled dogs.

The Working Dog Group perhaps more than any other group represents what we expect a good dog to be, loyal, strong, sturdy and intelligent. […]