Dog Breeds Review

Meet The German Shepherd: Dog Breed Information & Guide.

The German Shepherd Dog is a versatile,confident breed and well trained makes for a great pet and a devoted friend.

The German Shepherd is a relative new comer to the dog breed world. The breed was established in 1899 after a conscious effort by German breeders to produce the ideal guardian-herding dog. Their efforts were rewarded with a creation of a breed that truly excels in these roles.

German Shepherds are undemanding, yet ready to participate in any activity when invited. Owners say ‘ I can look in my Shepherd’s eye and know he will die for me’.

Dog Breeds Review

Loopy About Labs! Discover The Amazing Labrador Retriever Dog Breed

The Labrador Retriever is an active and friendly dog. Originally bred for retrieving water fowl on hunting trips. These days, because of their gentle personalities Labs are more likely to be a favourite family pet than a a hunter.It is little wonder that Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dog breed in America by quite some distance.Check out this wonderful breed here. […]

Dog Breed Groups

Roll Up! All New Dog Breeds To Delight And Amaze You

If You have a taste for the exotic, check out these New dog breeds of the AKC Miscellaneous Group. New Dog Breeds can be found in the  Miscellaneous Group, which is a temporary group for those breeds that haven’t made it into any of the other regular American Kennel Club (AKC ) groups.Most remain for 3-5 years before joining one of the formal AKC groups. […]

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Dog Breed Groups

Toy Dogs: Diminutive, Charming And Packed Full Of Character

Once the favourites of royal courts and noble families, many toy dogs now enjoy universal appeal for their loving natures and cheeky personalities.
The Toy dog breeds might be small in size, but they most certainly not small in spirit. Toy dogs are small because they have been bred as companions, but are often miniaturized versions of larger breeds. Toy dogs are usually agreeable, mild mannered and love company. […]