Dog Breeds Review

The Bouncing, Bounding, Unstoppable Border Collie!

Border Collies are consummate canine athletes. They’ll accompany their owner on any activity. They never stop or tire, they are like the Borg and have a fascination for tennis balls that is positively obsessive.​
This is an intelligent energetic and responsive dog, being affectionate with friends and family but reserved with strangers. […]

border terrier
Dog Breeds Review

The Border Terrier: Robust, Sociable And Utterly Brilliant!

With a recent number of appearances in movies and TV, this terrier is once again regaining the popularity it has held at different time periods throughout history.

It is easy to see why they have become one of the doggy worlds most adored breeds; they are intelligent and simply ooze charm from head to tail.Even though they are only 13-16 inches high at the shoulder, Border’s are giants when it comes to personality and lively as they are, Borders are anything but overbearing. […]