5 Quick Tips To Shih Tzu Diet Success: Put A Stop To Fussy Eating

When it comes to fussy eating, Shih Tzu’s are known to be particularly picky. Planning out your Shih Tzu diet can sometimes present something of a challenge. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an article about whisking celery shakes for porky pooches, instead I am going to give you some ideas to encourage your adorable, yet fussy little Shih Tzu not to turn their noses up at the food you give them.

 Top Tips To  Shih Tzu Diet Success


  • Exercise is always an important part of helping your dog maintain a healthy appetite and this is especially so for your Shih Tzu. Little furry princes lying around on velvet cushions all day rarely get hungry enough to get over fussy eating. Letting your little friend out into a fenced backyard for some daily fun is a great way to let them build up an appetite, especially if you accompany this with some energetic games. Alternatively, going for a nice walk is just as good. Every walk is different, new sights new sounds and new smells always makes for some great appetite building stimulation. Just dont overdo it! Shih Tzus are not Huskies.


  • When it comes to planning the perfect Shih Tzu diet, choosing the best food for Shih Tzu you can afford is always going to be preferable. let’s face it, dry old kibble must be like eating kitty litter and I wouldn’t choose to eat it unless I was starving. There are loads of varieties of food choices lining the shelves and aisles of your local pet stores and some are almost gourmet in their quality. Of course dry food can always be spiced up with something yummy, for example adding sardines makes for a really tasty treat. If you are feeling creative, why not try any number of fun dog friendly recipes that are freely available on internet. Don’t forget either, to  seek out the views of other experienced Shih Tzu owners and find out what they feed their little dogs on.

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  • If you are happy that the choice of food you are giving your dog is not the issue, then it might be time to get psychological  with your Shih Tzu’s diet. A possible reason why your dog might not be eating very well could be due to the way you are feeding them. When you give your dog their food, do you just put the bowl down on the floor and let them eat it it or leave it as they please? If so, it might be that your Shih Tzu is so used to the idea of ample resources being permanently available, that they actually can’t be bothered to eat it all in one go; after all it will still be there later right?.

Why not introduce into their little furry brains, the concept of resource scarcity? That food is not always there when they want it. The next time you feed poochy-paws, try removing their bowl after 5-10 minutes and not returning it until the next meal time. At their next feed time do the same thing, give them their food and take the bowl away again 10 minutes later, whether they have eaten it or not. Most dogs will soon pick up on this pattern and will learn to eat their food straight away or risk going hungry.

  • Who doesn’t love a nice treat?  We all thrive on being rewarded for doing good things and your little Shih Tzu will be no exception. Of course, too many treats can play havoc with the old Shih Tzu diet planner you are working on, so it makes sense to give out those treats sparingly; regardless of how much those little brown eyes are staring at you.. just willing you to give them one more ‘dog-o-choc’. Remember also that treats don’t have to be high in calories typically found with most commercial dog treats. Did you know that most dogs absolutely love carrot sticks- especially if you have frozen them first? Carrots are really healthy and they wont ruin your dog’s appetite.


  • It goes without saying that if your little friend’s appetite changes suddenly and they go off food which previously they would have eaten without fuss, then there might be some underlying health problems you should get checked out. Dog’s cannot tell us whether they are in pain, but loss of appetite among other symptoms is often an indicator that they are feeling pain or are unwell. In these circumstances make sure you seek medical advice and contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.


Hopefully these  these five quick tips have given you some practical ideas on how to promote a healthy appetite in your Shih Tzu. With a few simple techniques and tips, you can map out a successful Shih Tzu diet plan and keep ’em coming back for more

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