6 Essential Beagle Dog Training Tips That Work

beagle dog training

Training your very own little Snoopy is made easier when you know what makes them tick

No two dogs or dog breeds are the same. It stands to reason therefore that when you begin training your Beagle puppy, using a training routine  that caters for the Beagle’s unique personality is likely to be more successful than a  generalized training programme.

If you include these simple Beagle dog training tips into your training routine, you will soon discover how quickly they respond. They key to successful Beagle dog training is knowing what makes a Beagle tick!

What makes a Beagle tick?

 The first thing to understand about these awesome little dogs is that Beagles are intelligent, lively, and eager to learn. This is a good start as it will make your task easier. They will pick up training and desired behaviors more readily than some other breeds , but be mindful that you don’t let them get

Beagles are also versatile and adapt quickly to their environment  They will pick up training and desired behaviors more readily than some other breeds, but they do need to be socialized at an early age and cannot be left alone for lengthy periods of time.

Beagles are communal animals  and fare best living with other dogs (more Beagles preferably) . They crave the company of their family, owners and friends and hate to be left alone. Leave a Beagle alone often and for long periods they are inclined to develop separation anxieties or become engaged in destructive behavior.

Beagles have very good tempers and a natural, gentle disposition.

6 Top Beagle Dog Training Tips

  1. Beagle puppy training can start as early as 6 – 8 weeks of age. Beagles are very smart dogs and can be trained very quickly so an intensive training session with progressive steps for specific goals will work best for them.
  2. Beagles have a very short attention span. Beagles adapt easily to different forms of training.  But have a very short attention span so it is important to keep training sessions to approximately 10 – 15 minutes, and not more than two or three times per day.
  3. Beagle’s thrive on constant positive feedback and generous affection.  Naturally biddable and eager to please. There are few worries about your Beagle railing against authority. A few kind words and a belly rub is often all that is needed to gain their attention and respect.
  4. Beagles love games and activities. They respond well to reinforcement of lessons when they are alert and engaged in play. Beagles learn new tricks very quickly, so it is important they learn positive behaviors as soon as possible.
  5. The more socialisation the better.  Social interaction is an important part of the Beagle’s psyche. One way to encourage their positive character development is to encourage as much interaction with people as possible. Puppy training  could include being led to puppy classes on a leash and soaking up all the admiring “ooohs” “aaahs” and stroking they get on the way!
  6. Beagles are persistent and have an independent streak.  No dog is perfect. Not even the Beagle and negative aspects of the breed’s personality can include: stubbornness,  excessive digging and wanderlust.  Beagles are known to disappear for hours – even days, especially if they have got on the end of a juicy scent trail. It is always best to keep your Beagle on a leash initially so that you do not run the risk of losing them in search of wild game. By incorporating scent tracking games into your training, you will also be able to channel this natural desire to hunt in more manageable ways.

Beagles are such wonderfully bouncy dogs and so full of zest. I am sure you will have a blast training yours.  I hope you make use of some of the ideas we have presented here to make training your Beagle that much easier. Let us know how you got on and if you have your own Beagle dog training tips we would love to hear about them.

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