Lucy, plotting her next move. Dan thinking about dinner.

Hi there and a big thank you for visiting our site. I’m Dan, the ugly one sitting alongside my erstwhile faithful companion Lucy (Who was definitely the brains ) and new to the team  below is Cilla, who is taking part in her second favourite activity.

We are the face and cold wet nose behind The Happy Dog Guide.

Cilla with her muse


Our Mission

It is our mission to promote and support responsible dog ownership. The Happy Dog Guide will will provide helpful advice for every stage of your dog owning journey.

  • Help with choosing the right dog for your lifestyle
  • Training tips and learning to understand your dog’s language
  • Health and behavioral advice
  • Comprehensive dog breed data base
  • Food, nutrition and exercise know how
  • Loads more –

About Me

I have always been an animal lover. Going back to my childhood where I grew up with a menagerie of cats, guinea pigs, tortoises and a myriad of other crawling creeping chirruping beasties that just happened by.

The one thing I always desperately wanted however was a dog, but, unfortunately growing up in the big city with a full time working mum it was not possible.

Ironically I learned my first lesson in dog ownership before I even had one; That it would be irresponsible to leave a dog home alone all day while I was at school and my mum was at work.

It wasn’t until adult hood that circumstances came together and dog ownership became a possibility. I’m ashamed to say that when choosing our new dog, my partner and I committed a cardinal sin and didn’t really take into consideration whether our lifestyle would be compatible with the kind of dog we were choosing.

We were blinkered by just wishing to offer a forever home to a rescue dog and that my partner once had a Jack Russell Terrier when she was a little girl.

Our match up could have been a disaster, but we were fortunate and everything worked out on the dog front. Lucy entered into our lives, A year old Jack Russell barely out of puppy hood who was so cute to behold that our neighbour dubbed her the Kate Moss of the Dog World!

Separated at Birth?


Lucy’s Story

Squirrels !

Lucy had been abandoned by her former owners after a marital break up and was a resident of the Meyhew Animal Rescue Centre when we first met her. She grew up to be the most beautiful family dog (though not without issues) and was absolutely fantastic with our two young boys.

Alas, Lucy is no longer with us having passed away in June 2015. she is sorely missed.


A year on from Lucy’s passing and our family were missing the comforting, cosy feeling that having a dog around the place brings, so we started to look in earnest for a new one. After a few months of internet searching, the stars aligned and we were lucky enough to find Cilla at Allsorts Dog Rescue – and give her the forever home she deserved.

Cilla is very different to Lucy, she is a gorgeous bouncy Lab-collie cross who is always enthusiastic and ‘ up for the craic’. Cilla is also proving to be an able assistant in the running of this site – her advice and insights into the doggy brain prove invaluable to an oaf like me.

Why I built this site

It was Lucy, my subsequent experiences with her and the voluntary work I used to  do at my local dog rescue shelter that first gave me the inspiration to start this website.

I saw so many dogs who were given up for adoption simply because their original owners didn’t know what they were getting into. I remember our own blind enthusiasm somewhat shamefacedly when choosing Lucy and hope that in some small way I am helping to keep at least one future puppy from going through the pain of abandonment.

I passionately believe that if you really want a dog, and you really love dogs then you should always look to adopt one from a rescue centre first rather than buying one from a breeder or pet shop. So many are just abandoned each year and euthanized simply because they are unwanted, it’s an absolute tragedy.

Dogs are such amazing creatures that they really deserve the best we can give them. I would really love you to look upon this website as a resource to help you do just that

Cilla and the boys share a joke

Thanks for taking the time to read our story, writing this website has been a real inspiration to me and hopefully provides some helpful advice to you and others, please feel free to contact us or engage in some of the discussion topics, if you have a any questions please don’t be afraid to ask and it goes without saying that if you like this site and think it may be useful to others, then I would be very grateful if you shared/linked my pages.



Any Questions ?

If you have any questions, about choosing the right dog for your own circumstances please ask them here and we would love to help you out