how to tell if your dog is in pain
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How To Tell If Your Dog Is In Pain And What You Can do To Help

There is nothing more distressing for a dog owner than seeing their pet in discomfort and feeling powerless to help . Knowing how to tell if your dog is in pain is a very important part of responsible dog ownership. As humans we experience all sorts of pain, from a mild headache to acute appendicitis and angina. We are lucky enough to be able to do something about it, such as take tablets or consult a doctor. There is no doubt that dogs experience pain, too. However they are unable to tell us about it, so it’s up to us to look for clues. […]

french bulldog grooming
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French Bulldog Grooming Should Always Be Fun: Here’s How!

Best French Bulldog Grooming & Care tips to keep your Frenchie healthy and looking their fabulous best! Personally Speaking, when it comes to French Bulldog grooming I do not want to be the one doing all that brushing, combing and clipping! Fortunately in the Frenchie you have chosen to share your life with one of the easiest dog breeds to groom. French Bulldog grooming  is literally “wash ‘n’ go”. […]