Four Great Questions To Ask A Dog Breeder Before Buying A Puppy

questions to ask a dog breeder before buying a puppy

Don't suffer the heart break of a sick puppy and lots of expensive vet's bills because you bought your dog from a bad breeder

Knowing the right questions to ask a dog breeder before buying a puppy is essential, if you want your dog ownership experience to be a happy one. As a responsible prospective new puppy owner, it is your responsibility to put as much time and effort into properly researching where your puppy is coming from, as it is choosing the right dog for your lifestyle. You want to find dog breeders of integrity while disregarding those back yard breeders and puppy dealers who are peddlers in so much canine misery.

What Characteristics Makes For A Reputable Dog Breeder?

  • Lets start by trying to find a dog breeder that is is dedicated to improving the quality and long term health of their breed.
  • They will have a genuine passion for the breed and care about the well being of their dogs.

A good breeder will have spent years owning and studying their chosen breed, they should have an encyclopedic knowledge of everything to do with it and be able and willing to answer any questions you have.

There are hundreds of breed groups out on the web and most breed fanciers will be only too happy to offer advice about finding good breeders. The AKC breeder referrals page may be a good place to start.

Make sure you get references or testimonials from any breeder you approach. Most of the dog breed pages on this site will have a direct link to each of their respective breed clubs.

 Reputable Dog Breeders Are Easy To Spot

Firstly, reputable breeders won’t raise puppies until they have several advance reservations. Be cautious of anyone who says they can source your puppy quickly.

Reputable breeders will be as keen about vetting you as a suitable buyer for their puppies as you will about ensuring their integrity.  

Alarm bells should ring if a breeder asks you few if any questions. Find another!

Be prepared to answer numerous questions about your lifestyle, routines, social life and habits to the point it may be bordering on nosiness! This is a very good sign as it shows the breeder really cares about their puppies and they want them to go to a good home.

Questions To Ask A Dog Breeder Before Buying A Puppy

 What Documentation Does The Breeder Provide?

  • There should be a complete documentation trail for both of your prospective puppy’s parents certifying pedigree, relevant health tests and health screenings(such as displasia). You should also be provided with registration papers and complete medical records.

What Health Guarantees Does The Breeder Offer?

  • Good breeders offer guarantees for life and will offer a contract to take back the puppy within 48 hours if the puppy shows up any major defects at its first veterinary examination.

 Do They Support Any Of Their Breeds Welfare Programs?

  • It’s a great sign if breeders are involved with their breed’s rescue /adoption programs. This highlights their integrity by demonstrating that they care about the welfare side beyond just making a profit.
  • A reputable dog breeder will often ask you to return a dog to them if you are unable to keep it any more. They also won’t issue you with a certificate of breed unless you have your dog neutered. This is to ensure that proper records of breeding are kept to avoid interbreeding.

Do They Raise The Puppies in a Family /Home Environment?

  • Aside from health issues, good early socialization of puppies is very important. Most good breeders bring the Dam into the house to have her puppies and accustom the puppies to the sounds and smells of an active family.
  •  They spend time with the puppies every day, handling them, checking them for problems, watching them as they grow, and socialising them to be well balanced and used to human contact.

You are choosing the breeder as much as you are choosing a puppy. Any breeder worth their salt will be knowledgeable and willing to answer your questions about the breed honestly, including informing you of a breed’s drawbacks or problems.

Don’t trust any breeder who says their breeds have no problems or faults.

Knowing the right questions to ask a dog breeder before buying a puppy is just part of the equation. Do you know what to look for when choosing your puppy?

Knowing how to find a reputable breeder will really pay off in the long term. Put in the time and research now to save heartbreak and expensive vet bills further down the line.

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