How Often Should You Bathe A French Bulldog? And Why.

how to bathe a french bulldog

There is nothing more scrumptious than a freshly bathed French Bulldog. Learn how to easily achieve fragrant Frenchie freshness

Some Frenchies love taking a bath; others simply tolerate it. As in most things, if their first baths are painless and stress free, they will enjoy them for the rest of their lives. Bath time should be an essential part of your part of your French Bulldog’s care routine.

Use only a dog shampoo since dogs have a different pH level in their skin and coat than we do; human shampoo can damage their skin and coat. So How often should you bathe a French Bulldog?

How often should you bathe a french bulldog?

French Bulldogs should not be over-bathed; a weekly bath would probably be too often and could lead to a dull dry flaking coat. Of course, if your Frenchie gets dirty, they will need a bath! Sometimes what we might think is dirt is actually flaking from dry skin.

Select a gentle, tearless shampoo for her face and use whatever shampoo is appropriate for her coat onthe rest of her. There are whitening shampoos for light-colored Frenchies, special shampoos to make dark Frenchies sparkle and an entire range of medicinal, moisturizing shampoos. Select whichever one best suits your Frenchie’s needs.

How to Bathe a French Bulldog

how to bathe a french bulldogIt is a good idea to use the spray part of the shower head and saturate your Frenchie with lukewarm water. Do not use hot water. This is because hot water can cause discomfort and acts to dry the skin out.

  • Start with their face and work your way to the tail, making sure Frenchie is completely wet.
  • Then wash her body with the shampoo formulated for her type and wash her face with the tearless shampoo.
  • Rinse off completely. If they are really dirty you may need to repeat the process.
  • When you think they are thoroughly rinsed off, rinse her again – you dont want any shampoo residue to remain on the skin or fur.
  • Then allow your French Bulldog to shake all that excess water off. This is all part of being a dog.
  • Towel Frenchie dry and praise them profusely.

Frenchie bath time should be fun for everyone!

Some people like to sing or talk to to their Frenchies the entire time they are being bathed as it helps them to relax and keep them distracted. How often should you bathe a French Bulldog depends on how dirty they get themselves. Do not bathe your Frenchie too frequently. Once a month is usually enough.

Bathing time should be fun time. You are spending time with your Frenchie, and they are getting one-on-one attention. Enjoy having a squeaky clean, fresh-smelling Frenchie.

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