Introducing the Brilliant, Brave And Wonderfully Slobberry Bulldog.

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Implacable and doughty, yet surprisingly affectionate and goofy- The English Bulldog is a firm favourite with almost everybody.

Bulldogs Belong To The Non-Sporting Group:

 Bulldogs Are: Courageous, Affectionate, Easy Going , Stubborn

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What kind of temperament does the Bulldog have?

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This is a breed that people are mistaken about more than almost any other. Bulldogs have aqquired something of a reputation for being mean and aggressive.No doubt this stems in part from their origins as a bull fighter, but also from their overall look- squat, muscular and powerful; however even just a little bit of research into the breed will show you sthat this reputation is ill founded.

Personality: Bulldogs are jovial comical and amiable, among the most docile and mellow of dogs, they are wonderfully gentle and make for great family pets. It is no coincidence that they come in at number 4 in America’s top 10 most popular dog breeds.

Bulldogs have a unique temperament. People can mistake their often slow response to commands as laziness, but those that know the breed know that these dogs like to consider a command before simply jumping up and doing it, they absolutely cannot be forced to do anything they don’t want to do.

Protection: Bulldogs are natural protector of the home and family. While not a problem barker, they will let you know when strangers approach and their appearance is often enough to warn off intruders. Bulldogs are not outwardly aggressive by nature, but make no mistake they are more than capable of using using their strength to defend their family if required.

Is The Bully an athlete or a couch Potatoe?

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Definitely a couch potato: Bullys have low gentle exercise requirements.

Heat intolerant; in hot weather best to exercise in the cooler morning or evenings.



How well Does The Bulldog Get on with everyone else?

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Children: Bully’s are one of the best dog breeds for children and make make wonderful pets for families with younger or older kids alike.

Other Animals: Bulldogs are an excellent companion dog for other dogs as well as non-canine pets. Proper socialization is important with this breed, as they can be somewhat dog-aggressive, especially the intact males.



What are the main health concerns that Bully owners should look out for?

Image by Alain Audet from Pixabay

 For a dog that has been relentlessly bred to type, the Bulldog has remarkably few genetic disorders, but the ones they do have can be serious:

  • A wide range of breathing conditions due to restricted nasal and tracheal passages and severe hip displasia.
  • Susceptible to Skin infections from the folds of the skin if not groomed properly
  • Various eye problems such as ‘Cherry Eye‘ and Entropian,.
  • Females have to give birth by caesarean section owning to the large head size and puppy mortality rates are high

Always ensure you have adequate pet insurance which will bring extra peace of mind regards the well being of your furry friend.



How easy is it to look after and care for your Bulldog?

Grooming:  simple brushing is fine but it is important to keep the skin folds on the face, neck and tail carefully cleaned with a damp cloth to remove any debris and dead hair that may become trapped. This debris can cause irritations, leading to lesions and other infections in the folds of the skin.

Shedding Moderate shed all year round

Training: Highly Intelligent and a problem solver by nature, the ‘Bully’ relishes a mental challenge and will approach new activities and events in a thoughtful and consistent manner.  Successful Bulldog Training regimes should be varied to avoid repetition and motivated with food and plenty of praise.


What kind of person gets on best with a Bulldog?

Ideal Bulldog owners are affectionate and tolerant with a good sense of humour. They enjoy a companion who is full of character – and are in no hurry to get anywhere fast.  Good Bully owners are aware of their pet’s health concerns  and are able to  afford this breeds sometimes high medical costs.

Not for clean freaks! These are not tidy beasts, If you are overly house-proud then this isn’t the dog for you, a propensity for flatulence and large amounts of slobber may cause embarrassment when your boss comes round for dinner

 Not recommended if you want an active outdoorsy companion.

If you like this breed, please do the research and make sure you you are choosing the right dog for your own lifestyle.For more information, why not visit The Bulldog Club of America 

Bulldog Breed History:

The Bulldog or “Bully” is an ancient English breed whose origins lie in the cruel sport of bull baiting which was a popular pastime among the masses of 13th Century England. Here, a Bulldog would be made to fight an enraged bull. The dog would clamp its jaws down onto the bull’s tender areas such as the nose, ears or testicles and thereby maddening it into a frenzy.  Not only did the crowds find this brutal display entertaining ( taking bets on the likely outcome), but it was believed that a bull’s meat tasted better if it had been baited before being butchered.

Thankfully this ghastly sport was banned in 1835 and the “Bully” became a breed without a purpose; Extinction should have followed, but such was the popularity of this doughty and courageous dog that many sought to save it.

Over time, not only was the ferocity bred out of the breed but breeders  managed to retain its distinctive look and countenance.

So successful was this “re branding,” that the Bulldog has become the affable and charming character that we see to day. As England’s national breed, the Bulldog projects a tough, steadfast persona. For this reason they are often a preferred mascot for sporting teams and military units.

Breed Characteristics

Very Popular
Life Span
8-10 Years
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