Make Your French Bulldog Training Experience A Joy Not A Chore.

french bulldog training
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Common sense French Bulldog training tips to make training your Frenchie a cinch

french bulldog training
Image by Gilsoul from Pixabay

Every French Bulldog expects to be able to lie around the house, have a good meal, receive love and attention, and be taken for a walk or a romp every day. However, some owners like the challenge of working with their dog and of training them to follow commands. And, believe it or not, some French Bulldogs are ready to move away from their sunbeam and do a little work! Frenchies are not an easy breed to work with in obedience, but many have earned their Companion Degrees so it is not an impossible task.

The importance of a well mannered dog.


However, it is worthwhile for every dog owner to train their Frenchie in the very basic commands. If your dog ever gets off leash and makes a dash for the street, the come command will be a lifesaver. Basic obedience, will at least give your French Bulldog  enough manners to be a gentleman or a lady when company is in the house.

The first place most people start their French Bulldog training are at their local obedience classes. Obedience classes are offered throughout the country and unless you live in a very remote area, your town or city should offer you a selection of training clubs. There are different methods of instruction and you may find it helpful to visit various classes to see which method of training you prefer.

When should your Frenchie’s training start?

French Bulldog training should usually start training when your pup is about six months of age. Classes will meet once or twice a week for six to ten weeks. Having successfully completed one of these classes (and success means passing the examination at the end of the class), your Frenchie should be able to sit on command, come when called, and walk decently on a lead.

This is all that many dog owners require. They want a pet that behaves like a gentleman or a lady. If you have never owned a dog before or never owned a dog with good manners, obedience class work may be just what you want and need.

The French Bulldog Club of America offers classes in obedience, and entries are usually between 15 and 20. All classes will usually have entries in Novice, Open, and Utility.

French Bulldog House Training

frenchbulldog house trainingFrenchies can be a bit stubborn when it comes to house training, but be patient. They will catch on. It will take patience, perseverance, attention and lots of paper towels, but they will eventually become house trained.

Some individual dogs take longer than others, so just have faith. It can be frustrating and disheartening at times but stick with it.

When should house training start?

Your French Bulldog house training regime should start immediately. Decide whether your dog will be paper trained or trained to go outside and then stick with that method.

Get them on a regular feeding schedule and make plenty of trips outside. When puppy runs around like they are looking for something-they are !

Take them outside immediately (or to the paper). Upon waking from sleep, right after eating and anytime you just get home, take them out or to their paper. Also do this right before you go to bed.

Its all about keeping the routine

Dogs should have unlimited access to fresh water at all times. It may be tempting to keep water from your puppy who is not yet house trained, but that is not the right way to housebreak them. Puppies need water to develop properly.

A regular feeding schedule will allow you to take them outside (or to paper) before and after eating. Most puppies will eliminate immediately upon waking up and after eating. Make it easier for everyone and work with your French bulldog puppy on this schedule.

Remember, accidents will happen.

Keep in mind that accidents will happen. If you catch them right in the middle of the act rush him outside (or to their paper).

It does no good to rub their nose in it (an old, mean wives’ tale). Remember to keep calm and remind your self that French Bulldog training really is fun!

  • Do not yell at your Frenchie when you discover a mess; they will not understand why you are angry. They will just learn to hide when you come home, expecting you to yell at them .
  • Also, do not use ammonia-based cleaners to clean the mess; they smell like urine to dogs. Purchase a special cleaner designed to eliminate pet odor.

There are “puppy pads” available that are helpful in housebreaking your puppy. They have a plastic backing that will help protect your floors from urine.

Find a place that is easily accessible for your French Bulldog puppy, easy for you to clean, and not in a high traffic area of the house for the “potty place,”

if you have chosen to paper train. Then place the puppy pad or newspaper in the selected area.

Top Tip: It can also be helpful to use a little bit of the previously soiled newspaper as a reminder of where to go.

Much like us, dogs are creatures of habit and your puppy will soon find a place that suits them if you do not find a place that suits you first!

Your French Bulldog house training efforts can be the most challenging part of having a Frenchie, but if its dealt with efficiently then everyone’s life will be easier.

Any Questions ?

If you have any questions, about training your Frenchie or want to learn more about the breed them here and we would love to help you out

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