Potty Training Your German Shepherd: Tips For Puppy’s Toilet Success

potty training your german shepherd

The German Shepherd puppy is one of the easier dog breeds to train so you should be able to accomplish German Shepherd potty training without much of a problem.

You will experience some issues in the beginning but if you do the training process correctly and make sure that you do everything with a patient and loving hand then you should really experience very little problems housebreaking your German Shepherd puppy.

Always remember that a German Shepherd puppy wants to do what is expected of it so accidents are just accidents and not the dog making any kind of statement.

If your puppy has accidents do not deviate from the training and do not punish the puppy for those accidents. As easy as German Shepherds are to train they also confuse easily when you punish them and punishment as a puppy can bring out aggression later in life so whatever you do you do not punish your puppy during housebreaking.

Most German Shepherd owners use the crate method when they are working on German Shepherd potty training and that seems to work the best of all the methods.It is not cruel to use a crate as you are teaching the dog that it has its space and that it needs to keep that space clean.

  • Only crate your dog during the night or if you are not at home.
  • When you are home keep your puppy near you at all times and keep an eye on it.
  • Watch for behavior that indicates they are ready to go to the bathroom like circling and sniffing.

Another tip for housebreaking your German Shepherd is to make sure meal times are at the same time everyday. That way you can predict when the dog will need to relieve itself and you can take it to its designated spot outside to do their thing.

Potty training your German Shepherd puppy will require time and patience on your part. You will need to be taking your pup out to their designated spot quite frequently, which can mean as often as every 45 minutes.

When you are out there make sure your dog understands that the designated outside area is where they relieve themselves and you can do that by praising them a lot when they do their thing in the designated spot.

It is bound to take some time so be above all be patient, it will all be worth it in the end. Following the correct training procedures can help insure success with German Shepherd potty training.

You have to be aware that anything you do when they are puppies can potentially become bad behavior later in life so during German Shepherd potty training you need to use the utmost patience and love with your dog and make sure you show them when they do things right.

Any Questions ?

If you have any questions about house training your dog please ask them here and we would love to help you out.


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