Responsible Dog Ownership: Do You Really Truly Want A Dog?

responsible dog ownership

The First Lesson Of Responsible Dog Ownership Is Being Sure You Can Take Proper Care Of One

responsible dog ownership
Dogs really are your best friend!

Choosing the right dog is like choosing your best friend! This is a bold statement but it’s true! Your dog will quite simply be the best friend that you could ever Have.

Dogs have all the qualities that most of us expect to find in a true friend: They are loyal, companionable, dependable and fun to be around. These are qualities that your dog will have in abundance.

Dog ownership should be regarded as a privilege rather than a right, give your canine companion the love and attention they deserve and you will be repaid many times over, life with a dog is so much more fulfilled than life without.

The Happy Dog Guide is here to offer you quality free advice in an informed and impartial manner.

We aim to encourage responsible dog ownership by taking you through the process of choosing the right dog to suit you, your family and your lifestyle, one furry paw at a time.


Asking The Right Questions First: Do You Really..REALLY Want A Dog?

People often pick their dog for all the wrong reasons-or for no particular reason at all, yet a dog becomes a member of your family for anywhere from eight to eighteen years, depending on the breed and their  health.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know some of the qualities that could be relevant in choosing the dog with the best chance of being appropriate for you? And wouldn’t it be nice to have that information before you

bring that pooch into your home? You really want to avoid winding up in a mismatch with an in­dividual dog just because you followed an impulse or listened to someone else’s affection for a particular breed.

Before you do anything, put the Google searches of cute puppies on hold. Everyone loves a fluffy puppy pic to be sure but these will only serve to distract you from the serious questions that you need to ask yourself.

Do you really want a dog in the first place? 

If you are drawn to a particular breed, ask yourself some questions about why that kind of dog appeals to you before you act on your emotion. For example, would your attraction to the large, willful Afghan Hound be better served transferred to a small, super affectionate Maltese, a comical Pug, or an even more humorous English Bulldog.

You may be drawn to a particular breed by nothing more than purely a feeling, an instinct.

Think about the reasons you want to introduce a dog into your life.Maybe you feel nostalgic about a breed of dog you once had or knew, or maybe you just love the look of a particular breed. Did you see an appealing dog passing. you on the street? Does a friend have a breed that caught your fancy? Maybe you have fond memories of a dog you had in childhood.

Perhaps you have grown up with dogs and have always been around them, that’s great! You obviously have some prior experience in dog ownership. Perhaps you have always wanted a dog and now is the ‘right time’ but are a novice owner and don’t know where to start.

Before you act on any impulses, do yourself (and your future dog) the favor of learning some­thing about the breed that appeals to you:

  • how much exercise and grooming they require,
  • whether their general temperament suits your lifestyle,
  • whether that breed would be a good a match with your personality.

Impulse puppy-buying and uninformed decision-making have caused headache and heartache that were avoidable-and that left too many nice dogs aban­doned at animal shelters and breed-rescues.

Take a moment and consider whether your current lifestyle is still doggy compatible. Choosing the most suitable dog for your life today might be a very different type of dog to the one you imagine owning at the start of the process.

Cuddly puppies can grow up into energetic, hungry and wilful adults so make certain that you have room for a dog in your life. before you take the plunge.

Worst Case Scenario: That tiny fluffy bundle of joy you took home 6 months ago has transformed into an enormous slobbering brute which chews your furniture to shreds and whose energy levels are so high that they are likely to become neurotic and start hoarding your socks unless you take them on a 5 mile run every day.

If you don’t do the proper research now, then it is perfectly possible that your cute little puppy will grow up and turn into something you were not expecting, if you find you cannot cope with your newly grown up dog, what happens next?

The Consequences Of Bad Choices

responsible dog ownership

Be responsible, don’t let your dog be another pound victim

Tragically, millions of healthy dogs are destroyed every year in the U.S because their owners took them on when they were not prepared or capable of looking after them.

Through no fault of their own, these poor animals end up in dog shelters across the country. A few lucky ones, usually puppy’s will find a forever home with a new family. The vast majority however (roughly 90%) will be euthanized within weeks or even days of arrival.

The bodies are then likely to be stacked up in a giant freezer with all the other euthanized dogs before being taken to the local waste disposal plant to be either incinerated or dumped in a land fill site.

I am sure you would agree this is a horrible situation and makes for very heavy reading for sure. but Sadly though, this fate is the grim reality for the majority of unwanted and unloved dogs. Please don’t be part of that.

Choosing The Right Dog Is A Major Decision Not To Be Taken Lightly. Please Be Responsible And Think Very Carefully Before You Go Ahead .

If you are absolutely sure that you still really want a dog then find out which are 

The 6 most important things To Know When Choosing The Right Dog For Your Lifestyle

Any Questions ?

If you have any questions, about choosing the right dog for your own circumstances please ask them here and we would love to help you out


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