Say Hello To The Loyal And Courageous Rottweiler

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Massively powerful and highly intelligent. The Rottweiler makes a surprisingly gentle pet for owners who can earn their respect

Rottweilers Belong To The Working Group

 Rottweilers Are: Alert, Intelligent, Protective, Confident,

What kind of temperament does the Rottweiler have?

Personality: Rotties, despite their appearance and reputation have a very loving personality. They are calm, self confident, quick to learn and easy to please.

The Rottweilers temperament is generally friendly but do have a natural tendency towards dominance.

It is no wonder then that these are one of America’s top 10 most popular dog breeds.

Is the Rottweiler an athlete or a couch potato?

A Bit of Both : Rottweilers are prone to obesity, so daily exercise is necessary. A run in the park or a twice daily stroll around the neighborhood will usually suffice.

Rotties can be very playful and love to play and love to play a nice game of fetch with a ball or.  Because of their high intelligence Rotties excel in agility and obedience type activities.



How well Does The Rottweiler get on with

everyone else?


Children: Family is very important to the Rottweiler, they are very social within the home and with proper training become great companions with older children.

Other Animals: Aggressiveness is not a characteristic of a properly bred Rottweiler, but can be brought out in the breed without proper training and socialization. Males tend to be aggressive with other males, and neutering a male dog can greatly decrease this tendency.

Strangers: As a rule, they don’t bark without good reason and are great guard dogs, alerting when there is danger or something out of the ordinary.




What are the main health concerns that Rottie owners should look out for?

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Health: Rottweilers are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. This is a malformation of the joints which can lead to degenerative wasting of the bone and cartilage in the joints. Displasia can be mitigated by not over exerting young puppies during their early development

Displasia is particularly common in larger dogs. Find out more about what it means to own an extra large dog breed.

Finding  a reputable breeder and ensuring adequate pet insurance will of course always bring extra peace of mind regards the well being of your furry friend.


How easy is it to look after and care for your Rottweiler?

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Grooming: Rotties have a relatively short coat and do not require excessive grooming beyond regular brushing.

Shedding:  Heavy seasonal: Their double coat will shed twice yearly, usually in spring and again in the fall.

 Training: Rottweilers are active, happy and obedient, only wanting to please their owner and despite their reputation, harsh words or actions will hurt  their sensitivities and are not necessary for good training as they are very quick to learn.

Rotties are naturally dominant so proper socialization from puppy hood and firm handling is a must to ensure that the dog does not try to the role of leader. Be mindful of tendancies towards  possessiveness over food and toys. Mental stimulation is a must because these dogs can easily become bored which may lead to behavioral problems further down the line



What kind of person gets on best with a Rottweiler?

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Ideal Rottweiler owner’s are: experienced, strong-willed and affectionate. They have plenty of free time to train, play and exercise this powerful and confident dog.

Not recommended for:

  • Stay at home or sedentary owners.
  • Inexperienced or timid owners- Rottweilers are intelligent and quite capable of exerting their dominance if they are allowed
  • Families with smaller children
  • Being left alone or unsupervised for long periods of time.

As always if you like this breed, please do the research  and ensure that you are choosing the right dog for your own lifestyle. For more information, why not visit U.S. Rottweiler Club



Rottweiler Breed History

The Rottweiler  or Rottie is another breed thought to have its origins with the Roman army, who left behind cattle droving dogs throughout southern Germany after the legions had gone. Over the following centuries the descendents of these dogs continued to play a vital role  around the town of Rottweil (which was an important centre of the cattle trade) Where they herded cattle , guarded the money from cattle sales and acted as draft animals.

For various reasons The breed went into a sharp decline during the mid 1800’s and  would have become extinct were it not for a group of dog fanciers who, in the early 1900’s were determined to save this noble breed. By the early 1930’s the Rottweiler was a regular in AKC competitions and has been a firm favourite  ever since.

the Rottie continues to go from strength to strength, especially in America where it is one of the most popular breeds around.




Breed Characteristics

Very Popular
Life Span
9-10 years
Breed Size
Breed Health
Novice Owners?
Easy To Train?
Children Friendly?
when properly trained
Low Maintenance?
Shedding Amount
Apartment Living?
Active Lifestyle?
Dog Friendly?
Good Watch Dog?
High Prey Drive?
Good Guard Dog?

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