Finding The Right Dog

Learn Why Extra Large Dog Breeds Are Mahoosive Bundles Of Furry Joy

Extra large dog breeds usually belie their enormous size by being mellow, relaxed and very gentle giants who will repay the care you give them with over 120 Lbs of unconditional slobbery love.

I dont know about you, but I think there is always something really impressive about meeting a really big dog and If you are the sort of person who likes a bit of attention, then walking down the street in the company of a magnificent Irish Wolfhound is bound to garner stares, admiring comments and plenty of head turning […]

Dog Breed Groups

Roll Up! All New Dog Breeds To Delight And Amaze You

If You have a taste for the exotic, check out these New dog breeds of the AKC Miscellaneous Group. New Dog Breeds can be found in the  Miscellaneous Group, which is a temporary group for those breeds that haven’t made it into any of the other regular American Kennel Club (AKC ) groups.Most remain for 3-5 years before joining one of the formal AKC groups. […]

toy dogs
Dog Breed Groups

Toy Dogs: Diminutive, Charming And Packed Full Of Character

Once the favourites of royal courts and noble families, many toy dogs now enjoy universal appeal for their loving natures and cheeky personalities.
The Toy dog breeds might be small in size, but they most certainly not small in spirit. Toy dogs are small because they have been bred as companions, but are often miniaturized versions of larger breeds. Toy dogs are usually agreeable, mild mannered and love company. […]

non sporting dog breeds
Dog Breed Groups

Non Sporting Dog Breeds: One Size Does Not Fit All

The Non Sporting dog breeds group is a mixed bag of poochy perfection that for one reason or another failed to make it into any of the other breed categories.

Dog breeds within this group ( sometimes known as the Utility Group) make for some unusual kennel mates; Seeing the likes of Boston Terriers sharing the same group as the Dalmatian and the Chinese Sharp- Pei certainly makes the mind boggle. […]

working dog breeds
Dog Breed Groups

Working Dog Breeds: Steady Eddies Of The Canine World

Working Dog Breeds are the canine world’s labourers. This informative guide is a great introduction to the working group dogs which include guard dog breeds and Nordic sled dogs.

The Working Dog Group perhaps more than any other group represents what we expect a good dog to be, loyal, strong, sturdy and intelligent. […]