Dog Breeds Review

The Bouncing, Bounding, Unstoppable Border Collie!

Border Collies are consummate canine athletes. They’ll accompany their owner on any activity. They never stop or tire, they are like the Borg and have a fascination for tennis balls that is positively obsessive.​
This is an intelligent energetic and responsive dog, being affectionate with friends and family but reserved with strangers. […]

Dog Breeds Review

Meet The German Shepherd: Dog Breed Information & Guide.

The German Shepherd Dog is a versatile,confident breed and well trained makes for a great pet and a devoted friend.

The German Shepherd is a relative new comer to the dog breed world. The breed was established in 1899 after a conscious effort by German breeders to produce the ideal guardian-herding dog. Their efforts were rewarded with a creation of a breed that truly excels in these roles.

German Shepherds are undemanding, yet ready to participate in any activity when invited. Owners say ‘ I can look in my Shepherd’s eye and know he will die for me’.