Dog Breeds Review

The Playful Poodle Is Anything But a Pampered Primadonna

The highly intelligent Poodle makes a fun loving and energetic companion. These are intelligent, loyal, adaptable dogs with a happy, playful personality and are often described as having a great sense of humor.

You will never be alone with a Poodle, they have a very sensitive temperament and seem to know exactly when you need some sympathy and adoration. […]

Dog Breeds Review

Ooh La La! Say Bonjour To The Friendly French Bulldog

Frenchies have the heart, humour and friendliness of the Bulldog, all in a convenient economy sized pacakge. A natural entertainer with a big heart, the French Bulldog has exploded in popularity in recent years.‚Äč
From relative obscurity to one of the nation’s favourite breeds, the rise of the French Bulldog has been stratospheric. Since 2005 the number of registrations has increased nearly 3,000 per cent! […]

non sporting dog breeds
Dog Breed Groups

Non Sporting Dog Breeds: One Size Does Not Fit All

The Non Sporting dog breeds group is a mixed bag of poochy perfection that for one reason or another failed to make it into any of the other breed categories.

Dog breeds within this group ( sometimes known as the Utility Group) make for some unusual kennel mates; Seeing the likes of Boston Terriers sharing the same group as the Dalmatian and the Chinese Sharp- Pei certainly makes the mind boggle. […]