The Beagle is your bouncy little buddy, who is always pleased to see you

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The happy go lucky Beagle is always full of eager enthusiasm and has boundless energy.

Beagles Belong To The Hound Group

They Are: Amiable, Bold, Friendly , Determined, Active

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What kind of temperament does the Beagle have?


Gentle, tolerant and always ready for an adventure. The Beagle’s personality means they get along with just about everyone.

Beagles are highly intelligent and openly happy; this is one of the most expressive breeds and will happily attach themselves to anyone showing them any affection or fuss.

Is The Beagle an athlete or a couch Potatoe?

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Definitely an athlete: Beagles have a plenty of natural energy and great stamina to boot. They needing plenty of regular of exercise and play to satisfy their energy levels. This is not to say they don’t like a lie down on the couch for a snuggle with their owners at the end of a long day- but a good Beagle is a tired Beagle .

These dogs have an instinctive nature to follow their noses, reveling in the thrill of the hunt. They can and regularly do disappear for hours if left to their own devices and unattended.



How well Does The Beagle Get on with everyone else?

beagleChildren: The Beagle temperament means they are one of the best dog breeds for children. Highly sociable will bond immediately with kids of all ages. A great family pet but must be exposed to children early on.

Other Animals: Generally good with other dogs as well, but cannot be trusted with non-canine pets

Strangers: Will bark at strangers, can be territorial.

Urban living:  You should be mindful that Beagles are a vocal breed.

They have a very characteristic bark that is almost like a howl. Although training can mitigate this somewhat, it is important to remember that the Beagle’s loud “Yaroooing” is hard wired into them, it’s part of their  Beagleyness and would be a crime to try and change that..

It stands to reason therefore that this baying cry can disturb neighbors, especially in a densely populated urban setting.



What are the main health concerns that Beagle owners should look out for?

These dogs are generally quite healthy. But like most breeds, they are not immune to certain health problems.

  • The Beagle’s  large ears trap air and can be the perfect environment to breed infections.
  • They are also prone to obesity if they are not exercised enough.
  • Eye problems such as Glaucoma, retinal atrophy cateracts
  • Finding  a reputable breeder and ensuring adequate pet insurance will of course always bring extra peace of mind regards the well being of your furry friend.



How easy is it to look after and care for your Beagle?

beagleGrooming: A smooth and short-haired coat that is easy to maintain and requires very little grooming. Brushing your Beagle dog with a firm bristle brush on a regular basis is all that is necessary to maintain its glossy coat. Clean ears  often.

Shedding Moderate shed all year round

Training: They are intelligent, lively, and ready to learn, adapting quickly to their environment and will pick up desired behaviors readily.Beagles need to be socialized at an early age and cannot be left alone for lengthy periods of time or else that intelligence will be turned to mischief.


What kind of person gets on best with a Beagle?

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The ideal Beagle owner is easygoing, affectionate and a lover of long energetic walks. They are attentive to where their dog is and able to give their companion all the mental and physical stimulation that they require to keep them out of trouble.

make sure you are choosing the right dog for your own lifestyle. For more information, why not visit the National Beagle Club of America.

  • Not For the yard-proud,-These dogs  love to dig
  • people who demand instant obedience
  • or those likely to be put off by their very vocal charms.

Beagle Breed History:

Beagles are an ancient breed whose “beagley” forebears date back to the Norman conquest of 1066 in England and who’s early ancestors were the now extinct Talbot and Southern Hound breeds respectively.

Beagles were commonly known throughout Europe during the middle ages, but  it was not until 1475 that The term “Beagle” was first used. No one is quite sure where the name came from. It possibly derives from a French word that makes reference to the breed’s distinct deep throated call.

The Beagle name however was in common use by the mid 1500’s, as a catch all phrase for any small scent hound. They where called “pocket” Beagles because they could be placed in the saddlebags of horsemen on the hunt.

Larger hounds would run along side the horses, and Beagles would be released in order to hunt down prey in dense undergrowth.

Beagles have been a popular dog breed since Elizabethan times, William Shakespeare wrote about them and they continue to be a firm favorite to this day: “Snoopy” and “Gromit” of Wallace and Gromit are just the latest examples of Beagles in the limelight.  At time of writing the Beagle breed is the 5th  most popular dog breed in America.

Breed Characteristics

Very Popular
Life Span
12-15 Years
Breed Size
Breed Health
Novice Owners?
Easy To Train?
Children Friendly?
Low Maintenance?
Shedding Amount
Apartment Living?
Active Lifestyle?
Dog Friendly?
Good Watch Dog?
High Prey Drive?
Good Guard Dog?

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