The Border Terrier: Robust, Sociable And Utterly Brilliant!

border terrier

Get to know this fantastic, scruffy little dynamo of a Terrier

Border Terriers Belong To The Terrier Group

Border Terriers Are: Active, Affectionate, Devoted and Cheeky


What kind of temperament does the Border Terrier have?

border terrierPersonality: With a recent number of appearances in movies and TV, this terrier is once again regaining the popularity it has held at different time periods throughout history.

It is easy to see why they have become one of the doggy worlds most adored breeds; they are intelligent and simply ooze charm from head to tail.Even though they are only 13-16 inches high at the shoulder, Border’s are giants when it comes to personality and lively as they are, Borders are anything but overbearing.

The Border Terrier temperament is such that they can be a pillow pal one minute or a mountain climber the next, ready to join in any children’s game, these dogs will also sit in a bookworms lap.”They may give a bark or two to express a readiness for action, but they are in no way a naturally aggressive breed, nor are they prone to constant barking .

This is also a breed that likes to chew, reducing even the toughest of toys to confetti with little or no effort. When training begins, it is important to set down boundaries as to what is acceptable for chewing and what is not.

Is the Border Terrier an athlete or a couch potato?

border terrierA Laid back Athlete!:  Your Border Terrier will enjoy long walks and plenty of exercise, but they won’t demand it. Don’t use their easy going nature as an excuse to not take them out though. As long as there are toys and other goings-on in the household to occupy the periods in between going out, they will do fairly well. Borders are natural escape artists  so make sure your yard is fully secured.






How well does The Border Terrier get on with everyone else?

border terrierChildren: If you want a good dog breed for children, then look no further, Borders are known to be an exceptional dog for families with young and older kids.

Other Animals: The breed typically does fine with other dogs but great care should be taken if introducing small animals such as gerbils or rabbits into the household .

Strangers: Will bark in alarm The Border Terrier is small but scrappy and willing to stand its ground.



What are the main health concerns that Border Terrier owners should look out for?

border terrierHealth: This is a is a hearty breed that has an inclination to stoically withstand pain and illness, never letting on that there is a problem until things have got more serious.

Responsible Border owners are those that are in tune with their dog through bonding and interaction, they will  have a better chance of noticing any slight changes in their dog’s general demeanour that might alert them to a problem.

Look out for Canine Epilepoid cramping syndrome, or ‘Spike’s Disease’, a suspected hereditary disease for the breed. Which is often confused with epilepsy

Finding a reputable breeder and ensuring adequate pet insurance will of course always bring extra peace of mind regards the well being of your furry friend.


How easy is it to look after and care for your Border Terrier?


Grooming: A good brushing two times per week is recommended . As with all dogs whose coats consist of dual layers, bathing should only take place when necessary. Frequent bathing will eventually wash away valuable oils trapped in the undercoat.  

Considered to be a suitable dog breed for allergy sufferers.

 Shedding: Border Terriers do not shed as badly as some dogs  but they do shed at twice yearly to leave clumps of fur around the home. Hand stripping their coat with a stripping tool outside is recommended to keep household fur to a minimum during this time

Training: Border Terriers are generally biddable and easy to train. They learn the basic rules of the household pretty quickly and like to know where their place is within that hierarchy. As you progress on to more advanced training however, you may soon find they start to suffer from ‘selective hearing’. As a hunting terrier they were bred to operate independently and this is a trait which is still present.


What kind of person gets on best with this breed ?

Ideal Border Terrier owner’s are: Easy going in family surroundings without small pets, who enjoy playing with and exercising this sweet natured little dog. 

As always if you like this breed, please do the research  and ensure that you are choosing the right dog for your own lifestyle. For more information, why not visit Border Terrier Club of America



Border Terrier Breed History

Border Terriers are sweet natured and affectionate, just as happy lying beside the fire as they are playing out all day and it sometimes easy to forget that they were originally bred in the harsh border lands between England and Scotland to hunt and despatch foxes. This terrier had to be fast enough to keep up with a horse, yet small enough to go in after a fox once it had gone to ground. Though originally called the Coquetdale Terrier they were changed to Border Terrier during the 1870’s after the Border hunt.

The breed has gone from strength to strength as more people have come to love their outgoing personalities and it is little wonder that they are one of the most popular breeds around today.

Breed Characteristics

Life Span
12-16 years
Breed Size
Breed Health
Novice Owners?
Easy To Train?
Children Friendly?
may be too rough for tots
Low Maintenance?
Shedding Amount
Apartment Living?
Active Lifestyle?
Dog Friendly?
Good Watch Dog?
High Prey Drive?
Good Guard Dog?

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