The Tiny, Feisty, Yorkshire Terrier Is All Heart And Chutzpah

yorkshire terrier
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Who are you calling a lap dog?

Yorkshire Terriers Belong To The Toy Group

 Yorkies Are: Feisty, Alert, Brave, Tenacious and Spirited,

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A Yorkie seems to think it can do everything that a ‘normal’ sized dog can do, if not better, and the look in its face with its dark, twinkling eyes, seems to say,

‘forget about my long, silky coat and the red ribbon on my topknot – I’m a terrier and I’m fighting fit


What kind of temperament does the Yorkshire Terrier have?

yorkshire terrier
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Personality: The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the world’s best loved dogs and a very popular family pet. Fun ­loving and intelligent. the Yorkie has great spirit  and character for such a tiny dog. Yorkies are extremely loyal and make excellent companions with their playful and inquisitive nature. Like all terriers, these are game little dogs who enjoy hunting and disappearing underground down holes in pursuit of their prey! There is good reason why they are one of America’s top 10 most popular dog breeds.

Is the Yorkshire Terrier an athlete or a couch potato?

yorkshire terrier
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An Athlete, (but a teeny one): In spite of their size and glamorous appearance, Yorkies  need regular exercise and stimulating games to occupy them. Very busy at home and outdoors, however small size means their requirements are easily provided for.

Yorkshire Terriers have many advantages for the owner who has more of an indoor lifestyle or lives in a town. Being so small, they can live happily with less exercise than a larger pet and there is room for them if you live in an apartment without much extra space.

They will gladly take to a more outdoor life: Yorkies simply love to play hunting games along hedges and country lanes and a Yorkie weighing 2.4 kg (5Ib) can easily run 8 km (5 miles) every day once it is used to it.



How well Does The Yorkie get on with everyone else?

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Children: Yorkshire Terriers can make a very good match with older or careful children but are too small for rough handling. Therefore this is a breed I would not recommend for very small or boisterous kids – Yorkies will nip if they are  being pestered. 

Other Animals: The Yorkshire Terrier’s personality is typically terrier. If not properly socialized they are likely to develop aggressive tendencies towards small pets, cats and other dogs. Yorkies are unaware of their own size and will stand their ground against dogs much larger then themselves.

Strangers: Yorkies can be trained to relate very well with new acquaintances introduced by their owner. They make very good watchdogs and will never miss the sound of someone approach­ing. The alarm Yorkie’s can raise is shrill and audible and while an intruder might not expect trouble from so small a dog, they are tiny but very efficient guard dogs.



What are the main health concerns that Yorkshire Terrier owners should look out for?

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Health: The Yorkshire Terrier is usually a fit, friendly and interesting companion. There are however, some health problems that are known to occur in this breed particularly.

Patella Luxation This is an inherited problem in the Yorkshire  It is a dislocation of the patella (knee­cap) and is usually first apparent from about six months of age.

Perthe’s Disease-This is a disease affecting the development of one or both hip joints. It is seen especially in small terriers. and is hereditary in the Yorkshire Terrier.

Tracheal collapse- As the name suggests, this is the collapse and flattening of the windpipe between the dots larynx and the chest. Can be a severe condition with fatal consequences.

Milk teeth retention-Retention of the temporary teeth beyond the age of six months seems to happen in the Yorkie more commonly than in other breeds.

Von Willebrand’s Disease This is an inherited disease that is known to occur in Yorkies. It is a disease of the blood and causes hemorrhage.

Finding  a reputable breeder and ensuring adequate pet insurance will of course always bring extra peace of mind regards the well being of your furry friend.



How easy is it to look after and care for your Yorkie?

yorkshire terrier
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Grooming: Long silky coat needs regular and rigorous combing to keep it free of knots. Owners who cannot maintain the coat to a high standard are advised to keep it clipped short

SheddingDespite their naturally long hair – Yorkies do not moult, which is both unusual and very convenient from the point of view of maintaining carpets and furniture. This might be a breed worthy of your consideration if you have to think about allergies.

Training: Yorkshire Terriers are normally friendly dogs that enjoy training and they are intelligent so there is little difficulty in making them understand what they should do. They relate well to their owners and handlers, so that many winners in obedience classes are Yorkies.

Excessive Barking can also be an issue in this breed  especially when bored or under stimulated.




What kind of person gets on best with a Yorkshire Terrier?

Yorkshire Terrier
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Ideal Yorkie owner’s are: Active, affectionate and gentle. Able to understand that their Yorkie is not just a  lap dog but needs plenty of play and exercise.

Before you choose any dog breed, please do the research  and ensure that you are choosing the right dog for your own lifestyle. For more information, why not visit the Yorkie’s official breed club or learn more about different types of small dog breeds.

Not recommended for:

  • Families with smaller children
  • Being left alone or unsupervised for long periods of time.



Yorkshire Terrier Breed History

Image by Katrin B. from Pixabay

Yorkshire Terriers or “Yorkies” originated primarily as a ratting breed among the industrial working classes of Northern England and for a long time were overlooked and frowned upon by wealthier dog fanciers due to their humble roots. It was the Yorkie’s beauty and fine coat that was to bring changes to the breed’s fortunes and over time they became a favourite of the show ring and the laps of wealthy ladies.

By the time the Yorkshire Terrier arrived in America sometime during the early 1880’s, there was a great deal of size variation in the breed (any where between 5 and 14 lbs) and it took until 1900 for fancier’s on both sides of the Atlantic to appreciate that with the Yorkie, small meant beautiful. Concerted efforts were made to breed their size down and accentuate the silky coat. The modern Yorkie is now one of the smaller and most luxuriously coated dogs in the world.




Breed Characteristics

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12-14 years
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